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7 Tips for Coping With Chemobrain

One of the most distressing problems cancer patients may face, both during and after treatment, is “chemobrain,” or “chemofog” — the inability to focus, concentrate, remember, or simply think as well as they did before their cancer diagnosis. Chemobrain is often at its worst for the first few years after a cancer diagnosis, but it

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Brain Fog has been one of the hardest things to deal with and for years I thought I suffered from ADD.

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This Is What Chemo Brain Feels Like

Chemo Brain

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The Chemo 'Tip List' I Wish I'd Had

The Chemo 'Tip List'- PLEASE read this list and share it. Chances are someone in your feed is battling cancer, or will, 1/3 chances actually (Sorry y'all, no rose goggles here, only helpful intelligence and inspirations) #chemo #cancer #beauty

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10 Things Cancer Survivors Want You To Know About Chemo Brain | I Had Cancer.

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Another Side Effect Of Chemotherapy: 'Chemo Brain'

CHICAGO—The role of FDG-PET/CT has been validated as a diagnostic tool for chemo brain phenomenon, which may facilitate clinical diagnosis and treatment, based on a retrospective study presented Nov. 27 at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

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Chemo-Brain smoothies featuring green ingredients from

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#IIH #awareness #raredisease

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Chemo-Brain or Chemo-Fog, what you can do about it

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There are always questions on the site about that annoying thing we like to call "chemo brain." Here are a few more tips on what you can try if you are experiencing chemo brain, memory fog, or other mind-related side effects from chemotherapy or other cancer treatment. 1. Make lists and ...

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