INORGANIC CHEMISTRY QuickStudy® $5.95 This guide covers the key concepts, principles, figures and formulas that inorganic chemistry students will need to know in order to succeed. Tables, images and graphic elements further enhance the text. #InorganicChemistry #Chemistry #Science

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somestudy: 280216 [21/100] chemistry vocab! i’ve had “go the distance” stuck in my head the entire weekend; at least listening to it over and over has been super motivating :’ )

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Things I Adore. · Showing posts tagged original · A compilation of things I adore and things that fascinate me. Studyblr, Studyspo, MBTI, All things ENFP, Cute things, Motivational quotes, and DIY.

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“Study in order to understand rather than just for the grade.” - attackonstudying (via attackonstudying)

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Reconstruction of Wave-Particle Duality and Its Implications for General Chemistry Textbooks

Bohr Model Illustration of Sodium and Chloride Ionic Bond from Vintage Chemistry Textbook set in round Earrings by LeftBrainRightBrain on Etsy

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