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Frank Iero // My Chemical Romance

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Mercury Drop. Mercury (Hg) is the only chemical element (metallic) that is liquid at ambient temperature.

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True...heh at long last long live the reckless and the brave and scream out and sing the real lyrics ur favorite music artists wrote so sing and dance and don't care what or how ppl think of u for just a moment LIVE

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After thinking about this for 5 minutes, I genuinely want this to happen

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Here's Why My Chemical Romance Is Good For Your Health

and today on why AC is right.... :) an article with SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE on why mcr is good for you. read and learn dear @safielgamal

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Cilantro and Chlorella can Detox 80% of Heavy Metals

Heavy metal chelation using cilantro and chlorella can naturally remove more than 80 percent of lead, mercury, and aluminum from the body within 42 days.

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I cried when I first watched the video. I have no empathy and I cried. Like wow.

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Frank Iero

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