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What's the difference between a comet, asteroid, meteor, meteoroid and meteorite?

'Name That Space Rock' Great infographic that clearly & concisely shows differences between a comet, asteroid, meteoroid, meteor & meteorite. (Credit and copyright: Tim Lillis) Mona Evans, "Meteor or Meteorite & Other Posers"


- vanishing: Russia, February 14th, 2013. exploding meteor that went BANG 10 thousand metres above and yet blew most if not ALL the windows in the town. NOTE: we have no chance if one blew up closer to a bigger city.......Governments around the WORLD take note.. PLEASE.


A meteoroid fell to Earth on February 15, streaking some 20 to 30 kilometers above the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia at 9:20am local time. Initially traveling at about 20 kilometers per second, its explosive deceleration after impact with the lower atmosphere created a flash brighter than the Sun.

from Live Science

Earth at Higher Risk of Asteroid Impact, Russian Meteor Explosion Reveals


Giant chunk of Russian meteor raised from the lake

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian scientists have recovered a giant chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteor from the bottom of the lake it crashed into.

from NASA

and International Researchers Obtain Crucial Data from Meteoroid Impact