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Chef Jeremy Lee Recipes

Chef Jeremy Bearman of Rouge Tomate (NYC) uses mustard blooms for his tartare of Long Island fluke with spaghetti squash, wakame, radish, mi...


Smoked eel sandwich with onion pickle

A signature dish by chef Jeremy Lee, this smoked eel sandwich recipe has followed this chef from restaurant to restaurant. A fantastic toasted sandwich recipe, this pairs smoked eel with fiery horseradish, mustard and a stunning pickled onion recipe.

Chocolate, almond and marzipan prunes

I have chef Jeremy Lee to thank for the idea for these utterly addictive chocolate prunes.

Strawberry and Hazelnut Meringue Cake

When making his version of this cake, chef Jeremy Lee prefers to use strawberries that have just been picked.

Raspberry Brûlée

Rasberry Brulee Chef Jeremy Lee shares his mother's recipe that, until now, has never been written down. She always just made the dish, he says, "whilst in the thick of a glut" (i.e., when the kitchen was full of fruit). The dish can also be made with tayberries or blackberries.


Jeremy Lee: Recipes for a Burns Night feast

Recipes for a Burns Night feast. The chef Jeremy Lee cooks a warm- reekin’, rich, yet mercifully intestine-light three course Scottish feast ready for January 25. A soup of smoked haddock and leeks, Haggis and clapshot followed by lemon posset and rhubarb

You can now pre-order #CookForSyria the recipe book - containing Syrian inspired dishes from such illustrious chefs as Ben Tish Jose Pizarro & Jeremy Lee. My recipes for pistachio & sesame barazek pomegranate ma'amoul & phyllo rose baklava are also in there. Curated by the inimitable @clerkenwellboyec1 in support of @cookforsyria @unicef_uk in collaboration with @suitcasemag - 100% of profits go to support the cause. pre-order link in @clerkenwellboyec1's profile now. . u @charlottehuco


Strawberry and Hazelnut Meringue Cake

Strawberry and Hazelnut Meringue Cake recipe by (crisp meringue, whipped cream, fresh-picked strawberries)


Almond meringue with summer berries

Making meringues can be a troublesome task, but with a little attention to detail (and a good set of kitchen scales), fluffy cloud-like perfection can be yours.


British Teatime Treats

Raspberry Shortcakes "The light, delicate fragility of this shortcake sets it apart from the dense and more traditional shortbread that figures large in Scottish cookery," says chef Jeremy Lee. "It makes a mockery of the idea that Scottish cookery is heavy and stodgy."


How to cook the perfect Christmas lunch

Jeremy Lee reveals the chef’s secrets to the main Christmas event: delicious turkey and all the trimmings