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Cheese Drug


Cheese really is crack. Study reveals cheese is as addictive as drugs


Cheese Triggers Your Brain Like Hard Drugs

How often do you order pizza? Be aware of a menu --featuring a big juicy pizza, chicken wings or onion rings-- sitting in your mailbox, hotel or motel room. The scam is so easy to pull that you could fall victim whether you are at home or away.


FDA Puts An End To American Artisanal Cheese - A sense of disbelief and distress is quickly rippling through the U.S. artisan cheese community, as the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week announced it will not permit American cheesemakers to age cheese on wooden boards.

for your #health : #didyouknow the #parmesancheese you sprinkle on your #penne could be wood? & that some brands promising 1oo% #purity contained no Parmesan at all? acting on a tip agents of the us food & drug administration paid a surprise visit to a cheese factory in rural #pennsylvania on a cold november day in 2o12. they found what they were looking for evidence that castle cheese inc. was doctoring its '1oo percent real parmesan' with cut-rate substitutes & such fillers as wood pulp…

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I Quit Cheese For Two Weeks To Break My Addiction