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How to pull a scorpion. Remember to take your time if you're just starting to work on it. Wouldn't want to pull anything! Good luck and have fun.(:

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Natural Way to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively

If you don't like that I talk, speak, or stretch a lot, That's your fault for considering me as a friend. Cheerleading is my life and No one can take that away ^^^(I didn't add that caption but I like it a lot)

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Hi guys! Here's a great heel stretch, stretch! Find a wall and stand about 2 ft from it. Make sure you are facing it:) lift up your heel stretch leg straight in front of you and slide it up the wall till the top of your foot is even with your nose/mouth! Lean down towards your leg , grab it and pull yourself down! Hope this helps you guys:) DONT FORGET ABOUT OF FLEXIBILITY CONTEST!!:)) ∞Meg #Padgram

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