This is perfect!!! Gotta get some of these! Found these cheapest on Amazon everyone! @powersfamily23  we need this!

Fruit vegetable dip to-go containers // have a healthy snack on the go! Choose celery dip, carrot dip, grape or apple for a healthy snack on the run! I need all of these, such cute containers for all types of snacks

A list of the cheapest countries to visit and travel to on a budget. Where to get the most out of your dollar!

The 15 Cheapest Countries to Visit for Budget Travel

Geisers in Bolivia, South America Capital: La Paz or Sucre. Also city of Santa Cruz. Around the midddle of South America. Shares borders with Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay & Argentina

Cute printable to go with an Amazon gift card. Great teacher gift for end of the year, teacher appreciation, Christmas, or an occasion.

So this week was Teacher Appreciation Week. So I am not calling this a "teacher appreciation" gift.


How to Travel Italy on a Budget

Whether you are heading to Italy to enjoy the fabulous food, to enjoy its varied…

Cheapest things on Amazon, you won't believe | Shopswell

Cheapest things on Amazon, you won't believe

Cheapest things on Amazon, you won't believe | Shopswell

Get $10 Walmart coupon for Amberen Menopause Relief

Get $10 Walmart coupon for Amberen Menopause Relief

DIY Crazy cat lady costume - I bought the robe and glasses on Amazon. Then, I safety pinned old cat stuffed animals and beanie babies from when I was a kid. I did find a couple extra stuffed cats at Walmart. A box of wine would be hilarious in place of the bottle. I owned the slippers and rollers. After Halloween, I removed all the cats from the robe easily because they were only pinned. I can now wear the robe and the cats were not damaged! Best, cheapest, and easiest Halloween costume…

DIY Crazy cat lady costume: You'll need several stuffed toy cats, some granny glasses, a robe, and some slippers and you're ready to go !

Irish tradition.  Mead (Honey Wine).  The couple would drink it on their wedding day and then everyday for the next month.  It's where we get the term "Honeymoon".  Thinking of making some homemade Mead.

Brewing a 1 gallon batch of mead. An alternative to the traditional recipe which takes over your entire fridge.