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This is a website with every kind of container you could want... These would be great for spice containers and they are just .75 cents each... I think I will get a big nice cookie sheet and decorate it... the add magnets to the bottom of these containers and make my own spice rack.

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Yes . . . there's an online store for jars! And they have just about everything. I keep dry detergents in a glass container like this one....broke the lid recently. Nice to know where I can get a replacement.

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50 Brilliant, Easy & Cheap Storage Ideas (lots of tips and tricks)

50 Genius Storage Ideas ~ Use cheap soap box holders to organize cards, crayons and other toys!

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How to Find Cheap Containers for Homemade Beauty Products

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large, spacious, and undercover outdoor areas, another shipping container home this provides less natural light but would make a cheap, easily constructed farm house. With plenty of storage for equipment and ample living spaces. The colours for this house blend with the grass surrounding it and the trees around it.

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Wow! I have to do this to my crappy white storage boxes from Walmart. Best makeover look I've seen on these yet.

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I actually thought of this before I saw it on Pinterest! Already been saving my diaper boxes! :)

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Diy DRIER SHEETS You'll need..... A container with an airtight lid ( I use a 2 qt. Food storage bowl w/ screw on lid) 4-6 sponges (thin, cheap, small kind) 2 cups of fabric softener (any kind) 4-5 cups of water Stir softener and water together in container... add sponges and put on lid to leave soak. To use: squeeze out 1 sponge put in dryer with wet clothes and when clothes are dry they are left smelling wonderful! Just put sponge back in container and mix for next time! If you…

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