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DIY Portable Bucket Air Conditioner

Perfect if you don't have an ac unit in your house or apartment. This actually works really well and is so cheap!


Simple Cheap Air Conditioner(Cooler)

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner Nice idea. I wonder how well it would work.? Why not just have the fan itself? I can see ice in the tote working for a bit, it'd be a pain.

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DIY Portable Bucket Air Conditioner

DIY Portable Bucket Air Conditioner | eHow--- cheap small fan, gallon of frozen water, etc. easy!

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6 Ways A Portable Air Conditioner Can Lower Your Energy Bills

freestanding air conditioning units -

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Super Cheap DIY Air Conditioning

diy air conditioner This is freakin brilliant!! Coiled copper pipe, attached front and back to a fan, filled with water and attached to an aquarium pump (flexible aquarium tubing used for the length that would move when the fan oscillates). The little bit

Put an a/c boot into any tent easily with this kit. It's not cheap, but it looks a lot better than glue-on Velcro & some duct tape!