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Parks that cater to canines are a great way for your dog to socialise and get some exercise outside of the normal bounds of a familiar environment. As an owner, it’s important to look out for potential signs that your dog might be falling victim to a bully. Before you convince your furry friends to leave their dog beds and take a jaunt to the local park, be mindful of the tips below.

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Where To Find Cheap Pet Supplies to Help Save Money

Where To Find Cheap Pet Supplies: Whether you’re a new or veteran pet owner, you may be wondering where to find cheap pet supplies to help save money on pet costs! Owning a pet can be costly, not only due to veterinary bills, but also pet supplies themselves. It might not seem like a lot that you need, but if you really sit and break it down, there’s quite a bit you’ll need when owning a pet. You’ll need food and water dishes, toys, treats, and possibly leashes and harnesses, not to mention…

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