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Prop up $5 walmart mirror with lamps around, paint a cheap desk white, get a little stool, put power strip up and have plenty of room for everything in a little corner! Maybe string xmas lights up around.

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How to Organize Your Vanity

Project: Vanity....... Another DIY Vanity. Tall drawer is so awesome for tons of makeup, hair accessories and tools, jewelry, nail polishes, etc. etc.

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Just need someone to drill holes in a mirror and you're all set. There are a few glass places I know of that wd do that for you pretty cheap. Then you pop in the lights. Or we can just crazy glue the lights up. Lol

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The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes

The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes - every brush you'll need, all for under $10 (and most under $5)!

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This is exactly what I had in mind!! Using affordable plastic drawers painted to match the room. One on each side for the "table" with a piece of wood on top. Two stacked on the sides for extra storage and a balanced look. Don't know if I want to expand that to 4 or leave it at 2. I'll decide later....

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10 Ways To Organize Your Makeup Vanity Station


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Ways To Organize Your Bathroom -

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