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My version of melted crayon art. Cheap canvases from Hobby Lobby, black acrylic paint, crayons(duh!), and a couple of aim flames. The letters were cut with a cricut machine, run through a sticker machine, then stuck to the canvases before I painted them black. So easy!

this is what I'm making saturday - i'll have the circle tracer and the adhesive - any scrapbook paper or paint chips would look good, and michaels has cheap canvases. barbaran515

Canvas and wine night. Cross paintings. It was a blast! Just choose a simple design, get some cheap canvases and acrylic paint. You can do it at home; just invite the gals over!

<3<3<3 Learn all about canvas art supplies for acrylics. This page discusses all the different types of painting canvas available for use with acrylics: panels, pads, stretched and unstretched.

3 small, cheap canvases. Painted them and then painted words on them. Stapled ribbon on each one to attach the 3 canvases together. Made the top one a loop so it can hang from a hook. Voila!

from Meri Cherry

10 Beautiful and Engaging Sensory Art Activities for Toddlers

Balloon Painting for Toddlers and lots of other great ideas. Must buy cheap canvases and set up an outdoor painting wall area.

from Etsy

Custom Original Oil Painting Commission Romance Couple palette knife fine art modern impressionism on canvas by Karen Tarlton

Buy two cheap canvases and paint with toll paints or do finger painting and design a picture for one another

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