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12 Countries You Can Visit for Less Than $50 a Day

Thailand, Peru, Portugal -- these are just a few of the amazing places you can travel to without breaking the bank.

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if you went with more of a country theme- you could use a wheelbarrow instead of a canoe for a cooler! And it'd be way easier to find/cheaper.

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My personal favorite canoe run. The seven-mile canoe run from Juniper Springs is one of the best canoeing opportunities in central Florida. The canopied creek winds through dense, primeval forests that seem untouched by man — on weekdays, anyway. Come early in the morning and you’ll paddle through dappled light that filters through the trees down into crystalline water.

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Just so cool =)pretty proud of myself..I went to a cheap resale store and found several "SMALL" boats..set them up like this and displayed shells on them..hubby put hooks on a couple to hang up......

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25 Tips For Making Camping Easier & More Fun!

stick your toilet paper in an empty clean coffee can. It will keep it dry from rain and dew. Brilliant for camping

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Wine Glasses to Keep

Wine Glasses to Keep: Instead of making everyone wait in line at the bar, provide glasses everyone can grab, write their names on, fill up as they wish, and bring home!

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Cheap Road Trip Across the U.S.A

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