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I reuse all the plastic bubble wrap but some are no good to reuse. This is an awesome way to use them up! ReFab Diaries: Upcycle: Bubblewrap Beads!

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24 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Bubblor ska vara mot fönstret. Medium till stora isolerar bäst. Dubbel häftade teip om det inte fungerar med vatten (+glycerin) Bubble wrap to help keep you warm

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Bubble Wrap as Insulation for Windows

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Insulate Your Windows in Under a Minute with Bubble Wrap

How to Insulate Your Windows with Bubble Wrap -Mist h2o onto window. Push bubble side of wrap against window (water will hold the bubble wrap to the window all winter)

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Make Your Own Wrapping Paper: 4 Ideas for Rolling Pin Printing

Making your own wrapping paper is an easy way for kids to get involved in gift giving at this time of year.  Children of all ages can easily be involved with creating wrapping paper. From abstract ...


prop intestines- for my gross out boxes. Ingredients: bubble wrap, paper towels soaked in beet juice, plastic food wrap, scotch tape, and white thread. Yum!

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How To: The Trick to Keeping Your Home Warm During Winter for Cheap

When temperatures drop and hit new lows during the cold, winter months, it's hard not to crank the heat up. That means increased energy bills each month, no matter if you rely on gas, electric, or another fuel for heating. Instead of resorting to blankets, coats, and layers upon layers of clothing to keep warm, try increasing the insulation of your home with one simple trick: padding the windows and entryways with bubble wrap. Bubble Wrap Adds Warmth to Your Windows The windows throughout…