"The ability to play music by ear has more to do with what is felt rather than what is heard." ~ Smilingheart Barbara ♥

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Ace obviously didn't like this, as he let out a low growl. Lucas nervously flicked his gaze from Ace to the loner and back again. If his Alpha was disconcerted by the loner's friendliness, then there was cause to be on edge.

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via DieselSteamGypsy Feels "Old West", which is concurrent with the Victorian Era in Britain. A flavor from the Americas, yes?

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When I was a conflicted and scared boy growing up within the confusing confines of the post-Conciliar Church of the 1970s, I needed someone, anyone, to teach me and to tell me that Jesus wanted to be more than just my friend, that He wanted to be my Savior – that

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I gave this lesson to 25 young women aged 12-17 today. I want to remember it in a few years when talking with my own kids. I wish I’d heard the same when *I* was the teenager. Feel free to …

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