Tumblr Charlie the Unicorn- these videos were hella dark

Throwback to middle school comebacks

The blue unicorn, you see him? I LITERALLY say 'your face is-' and then I insert the word they just said like the blue unicorn. This is my friends and I.

I'm one of those easily amused people that watch stupid YouTube videos, ex. #1: Charlie The Unicorn. (:

Charlie The Unicorn Photo: duck boat. This Photo was uploaded by iateamonster

Shun the non believer! Shuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnna........

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Charlie The Unicorn 1,2,3 And 4  Maria showed me this video last time she came over

You wont believe what these two magical unicorns get poor Charlie the Unicorn into! All sorts of trouble! Watch the whole video for all of the episode in one!

SecretAgentBob- Charlie The Unicorn.- "We're on a bridge Charlie"

Charlie, The Unicorn.

There's a podcast from a while ago where the guy who does this cartoon is reading the Little Mermaid with a couple other people and he does the Charlie voice for Ariel.

charlie the unicorn-the door | The Door by Novarules

Charlie: r-really? The-the door can do all that Pink unicorn: heh no its just a door

charlie the unicorn | Charlie The Unicorn 3: Evasive by tdrusk on deviantART

These are images from Charlie The Unicorn I originally made them for my girlfriend, but I figured others would enjoy them. Charlie The Unicorn Evasive