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Activated Charcoal – Do you know all of the amazing uses? – DIY and Beyond

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Homemade mascara: All natural and eye friendly

Homemade mascara - Do you want long and strong eyelashes? Try 2 tsp coconut oil (where to find coconut products) 4 tsp aloe vera gel (like this) 1/2 tsp grated bees wax 1 – 2 capsules of activated charcoal (for black) when using charcoal tablets, carefully pull them apart, and empty them by gently squeezing and releasing the tablet (This stuff stains, so use caution) or cocoa powder (for brown) & a clean mascara container

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Top 10 Activated Charcoal Uses & Benefits

Stop the Stomach Flu in Its Tracks: Home Remedies that Work

Learn how to STOP the Stomach Flu in Its Tracks! Natural Remedies that Work @ #Flu #NaturalRemedies

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7 Natural Supplements You Should Have in Case of Nuclear Fallout By Jeremiah Johnson – Ready Nutrition - ReadyNutrition Readers, this article is going to highlight several effective naturopathic remedies to assist in the removal of radiation from the human b…

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You know, when I was a young Witch we had to fumble our way through learning to light charcoal tablets without visual tutorials! And we cast Circle uphill in the snow!

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I often get asked how I keep my teeth so white? My tip is these little tooth paste tablets " Boom toothy tabs" it's charcoal

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The Benefits of Carbon or Charcoal for Digestive Problems Carbon or charcoal tablets has been viewed as a remedy of choice around the world for centuries. This safe, simple and abundant powder is …