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Properties of polynomial functions

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Graphing Polynomial Functions Flip Book

Graphing Polynomial Functions Flip BookThis flip book was created to be used as a stations activity to provide extra practice with graphing polynomial functions and identifying the following key characteristics:Turning Points (Relative Minimum and Relative Maximum), Increasing Intervals, Decreasing Intervals, Parent Function, End Behavior, Zeroes, Domain, and Range.There are 8 functions in the book.

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Characteristics of Parabolas Interactive Notebook Page - quadratic function inb page

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Characteristics of Graphs and Functions Booklet Foldable - Inside

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Really cool lesson on domain and range. Students learn while drawing a face.

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Describing Characteristics of Graphs Foldable - Outside

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Quadratic Functions Key Features Foldable

This Quadratic Functions: Key Features foldable can be used as a summary tool for your interactive notebooks. Or the foldable can be used as a record sheet for my Quadratic Functions: Matching Game. Includes graphing, algebraic equation, and characteristics such as domain and range; increasing and decreasing; positive and negative; zero(s); and even, odd or neither.

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M^3 (Making Math Meaningful): Quadratic Headbanz - An fun activity for reviewing quadratic equations

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Weightless Wonder: Students will investigate the characteristics of quadratic functions to solve real-world problems involving the parabolic flights of NASA's Weightless Wonder jet....Zero G Flights

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Do you ever get the question: "How does this math apply to real-life?" When you cover the unit on the Characteristics of Polynomials you can provide a true representation of a real-life scenario for the students to apply their teachings. Students will be able to gain not only a deeper understanding of interpreting a graph, but how it applies to the construction of a real roller coaster that they have seen at any amusement park. The students will work together to create their own unique…

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