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#Protective_Gear Consists of mainly power system protection #relays like current relays, #voltage_relays, impedance relays, power relays, frequency relays, etc. based on operating parameter, definite time relays, inverse time relays, stepped relays etc. as per operating characteristic, logic wise such as differential relays, over fluxing relays etc. During fault the protection relay gives trip signal to the associated circuit breaker for opening its contacts.

MaiTech 8-Pin B50K Potentiometer w/ Switch - Green (2 PCS)

MaiTech 8-Pin B50K Potentiometer w/ Switch - Green (2 PCS). Electrical Characteristics; Total Resistance: 10K ohm~500K ohm; Total Resistance Tolerance: +/- 20%; Characteristic impedance type: A, B, C, D; Maximum working voltage: AC 50V, DC 10V; Power Rating: B linear: 0.05W other linear: 0.025W; Noise: Less than 100mV; Insulation resistance: More than 100M ohm at DC 250V; Withstanding Voltage: 1 minute at AC 300V; Residual resistance: Term.1~2: Less than 20 ohm Term. 2~3: Less than 20 ohm…

EL34B, Tungsol Reissue Higher impedance design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping characteristic with a hint of the 6L6 sound. Made in Saratov, Russia


Details about DNA-0110D Digital Audio interconnects Cable 110ohm Characteristic impedance New

DNA-0110D-Digital-Audio-interconnects-Cable-110ohm-Characteristic-impedance-New #audiocable #hi-end #speaker #caraudio #subwoofer #audio #sound #gold #plated #evencap #ofc #24k

Microphone Characteristics - Impedance | Audio-Technica || Audio-Technica US

C2G / Cables to Go 29164 Velocity S-Video Y-Cable, 1 ft. - Blue by Cables To Go. $10.99. The Velocity S-Video Y-Cable is the perfect answer when the question is "How do I get one S-Video signal to two devices easily and inexpensively?" Low-loss dual 75 ohm oxygen-free copper wire and a foam dielectric guarantee the proper characteristic impedance. Individually double-shielded wires combined with an overall aluminum foil and OFC braid shield eliminate electromagnetic a...