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Classroom Pics and Organization

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This file includes 11 posters that display the CHAMPS guidelines for many activities/transitions in the the elementary music classroom. - Warm-up - Playing Instruments- Playing Recorder- Dancing- SQUILT- Partner activities- Small Group Activities- Whole Group Activities/ Lesssons- Exiting Music Class- Entering Music ClassMost behavior problems occur because the guidlines aren't clear!

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Students cannot meet or exceed our expectations for them, if they are not made explicitly clear before beginning tasks together or independently. Use the CHAMPS system throughout the day - C.onversation - H.ow to ask for help - A.ctivity - M.ovement - S.ignal (Includes 2 minute video for kids) - Amber Polk

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Champs Expectation Chart

Candice Cook - This teacher came up with a creative way to display the rules of the room in different scenarios. Having a game plan on display that covers all possible classroom scenarios is a great way to ensure positive classroom management.

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CHAMPs poster ... I used CHAMPs in my classroom. Mine were a bit different depending on the type of instruction.

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