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Common Jasmine Varieties – What Are Some Different Types Of Jasmine

While some jasmine types are among the most fragrant plants you can grow, not all are scented. Find out about the different jasmine varieties and their characteristics in this article so you can determine the best one for you.


Jasmine growing in Belize; .My favorite floral scent. Until you've smelled the sweet aroma of one tiny Jasmine flower from 20 feet away, you haven't experienced floral scents. Mexico and Belize were full of them. hmmmmm


By Lata Mangeshkar " Let go of my wrist, dear love; don't tease me, my wrap will gently fall off from me and the my bangles will chuckle, will set off a tinkling of music in the air; Let go, dear, let go dearest,* look the lamp is flaming bigger, and I cannot bear your gaze*;let go; I'm already walking around in the intoxication of the fragrant chameli flowers; let go dearest ! "