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Wet chalk, then use a pencil sharpener to give it a point. Great for creating pretty chalkboard art!!

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CHALK TYPE ONE: The mechanical chalk pencil… My favorite of all the options, this red cartridge with refillable chalk is meant for sewing, but it works perfectly on a chalkboard surface. If you love the look of regular chalk but want a thinner line, go with the mechanical chalk pencil. CHALK TYPE TWO: chalk pencil by Fons and Porter… These pencils too are used for sewing are not intended for chalkboard use, but from my experience, they work well.


My lovely friend @piecescalligraphy & @anintran have started an amazing challenge #handletteredABCs soooo CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! For the next 26 days I'll be posting a letter of the alphabet in chalk lettering! Two examples: Script & basic print lettering! Practice along with me!!! Use the hashtag #handletteredABCchalklove so I can see your chalk lettering! REMEMEBER...practice makes you better NOT perfect!!!! So get your chalk sharpened & let's start! To begin our challenge here's the…

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Need to get one of these


colored pencil drawing on dark paper.


French white chalk pencil for writing on slate, chalk boards or chalk board paint.


Bohin Chalk Pencil and Refills is one of the best chalk tools I've found for marking quilting lines and designs. The pen includes an eraser and the chalk stays put much longer than other products I've tried.


Forever remember your little one’s first day of school with a keepsake that’s all about them! 1. Take sandpaper and sand the rough edges of the letter and the top surface. 2. Paint your letter with black chalk paint covering the entire top surface and the edges of the letter. 3. Take a regular pencil or chalk pencil to draw out your words and designs of choice. 4. Trace over your words with chalk markers.


Vincent van Gogh Watercolor, Black chalk, pencil, pen, brown ink, watercolour Saint-Rémy: May, 1889 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe F: 1533, JH: 1710

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White Chalk Pencil, Great for smaller Chalk Labels, Acid Free Chalk Pencil

Chalk Pencil Great for our smaller chalkboard by BradensGrace