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Using Vegetable Oil to Replace CHainsaw Oil: When a chain saw is used, virtually all the lubricant ends up in the environment.

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Hand formed from an old chainsaw blade with joints all welded, this dainty looking cleaver can actually be used in the kitchen. The chain is forged and hammered for strength. The handle is double wrapped in pure copper rod. The blade, made from a recycled file, tempered, sharpened and treated with food safe oil. All mig welded together to form an extremely sturdy & robust piece of culinary, carnage creating cutlery! Find out more >>

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37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer

Cheapest DIY Garden Ideas You Should Do This Autumn 6 - Diy & Home | Creative Projects For Your Home

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Bad news for the rainforest and its inhabitants: Indonesia’s President Widodo is planning a $1.35 billion biofuel subsidy that would dramatically speed up deforestation. The palm oil barons are looking forward to the windfall and are ready to fire up the chainsaws. Please speak out against this insanity!

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