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simple to prepare and has so many uses. The gentle, soothing, and healing oil is perfect for cradle cap, diaper rash, chapped or chafed skin, bruises, and sore or inflamed muscles. The oil can be used alone, or incorporated into salves, massage oils, lip balms, ointments, creams, and lotions.


Don't let a diaper rash bring you down this weekend! Smooth and soothe chafed skin with our Gentle Moisture Diaper Ointment!

from Sweet Anne Designs

Intense Healing Cream Recipe - Sweet Anne Handcrafted Designs

This all natural healing cream works wonderfully for chapped hands, cracked skin, cold ravaged noses, leathery feet - you name it! Quick and easy to make...

from Sweet Anne Designs

Intense Healing Cream Recipe - Sweet Anne Handcrafted Designs

Intense Healing Moisturizing Cream - perfect for chapped hands, leathery feet, and chafed skin! | | #diy #natural #beauty #lotion #healing #chapped


But I have always believed that we are all in this together, we runners, in a fellowship of nylon shorts and chafed skin and cramping calves; that running,unlike any other sport, is a great leveler, as we are all out there on the same course, heading the same way,whatever our speed.


Stephan ultra - fine talc body powder sooth chafed skin, deodorant, 14 oz

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12 Benefits Of Sweet Almond Oil For Skin, Hair & Health

To Treat Skin Rashes Skin rashes are very common in the nappy area of young kids wearing diapers. In adults too, skin may become inflamed from constant rubbing against hard materials, including underwear. Skin to skin friction also can result in chafed skin. This type of contact dermatitis can result in soreness and burning sensation. Doctors usually prescribe zinc-based ointments to reduce the inflammation. Almond… [read more]