Maruhiro Flagship Ceramics Store by Yusuke Seki |

Maruhiro Flagship Ceramics Store Designed by Yusuke Seki

Yusuke Seki Design Studio Tokyo designed Maruhiro’s Flagship store. Maruhiro is a historical Japanese ceramics company and the flagship store opened just recently.

excellent page with lots of ceramics tips, including firing, making a sink trap, choosing clay body, etc

Find Cone Temperature information. Read through our overview of kiln firing, cones and cone temperature charts. We know the ins and outs of kiln firing.

Masters Craft Ceramic Ware Boutique - Tokyo

100 Colors Exhibition - Japan

The recently opened Masters Craft ceramic ware boutique in the basement shopping area of Palace Hotel Tokyo is pure proof of what we already know: nobody masters the art of minimalism as well as the Japanese.