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This is a really cool website that includes factoids on history, relative size of continents, comparative info on countries and continents. It has easy visuals and a section for geography, map and travel questions. North America Map


The spirit of America rises immediately even in a crisis. We get stronger and stronger. Don't forget Benghazi was another 9/11 - remember the four who died there today as well. Demand answers on Benghazi


Five Mexican American men in white shirts and ties and fedoras pose on forties California Central Valley porch steps with American flag and guitar. 1940s vernacular photo snapshot


The European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), is a small passerine bird in the finch family. The goldfinch is native to Europe, North Africa, and western and central Asia. It was introduced at numerous places in south-eastern Australia, and New Zealand in the 19th century.


American, ca 1862. Folk art pipe from the Point Lookout prison camp. The central motif is a triumphant eagle with outspread wings and shield inscribed U.S. Grant upon its breast, clutching a writhing snake within its talons. Held within its beak is a banner reading Point Lookout. Flanking the eagle are two flags, one incised Sherman, the other with Hooker. Point Lookout was among one the most notorious prison camps operated by the Union.


The "Pennsylvania Historical Society" honored 'Betsy Ross' (1752-1836) for her 50 years of service to the government, by producing the first Stars and stripes flags.


Civil War Pennsylvania 53rd Regiment Pieced and Gilt-stenciled Silk American Flag, c. 1864, likely a camp flag, with a hand-stitched field composed of seven red and six white stripes, the central red stripe with the gilt inscription "53D. PA.," the blue canton ornamented with thirty-four gilt-stenciled stars, the inner sleeve reinforced with linen, Provenance: From Captain Archibald F. Jones, (b. January 7, 1824, d. March 8, 1879.