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50 Cent as murderer Curtis Jackson was born on July 1975 in the South Jamiacan section of Queens. He could play as the murderer because he has grown up around voilence.

50 Cent Disparages Irv Gotti’s Father; Gotti & Meek Mill Respond

“Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk,” 50 Cent writes to Irv Gotti.” 50 Cent disparages I.

50 Cent...For listening his songs  visit our Music Station  #50cent

For listening his songs visit our Music Station…

Curtis Jackson, better known as the rapper 50 Cent (Photo: Alex Welsh for The New York Times)

50 Cent, Renaissance Man

In this month's men's style issue, 50 Cent discusses his move into acting, the public's perception of him and the state of the music business, then lets our intrepid reporter feel his tongue. Photo by Alex Welsh for The New York Times.


Evgeny Parfenov es un ilustrador que destaca por sus retratos

I ain't got much left, what they wanna take now, My life, I got so much more to offer, I'ma make them watch me be number one till I'm done, YEAH

Bake cupcakes for Curtis cent" Jackson and his friends :)

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5 Lessons Learned From A Rap Star Turned Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

50 Cent

50 Cent