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Sub-Roman warriors

0044 British Celtic Warriors defend their Hillfort. c. AD 43. The Roman general Vespasian took a force westwards subduing tribes and capturing a large number of hillforts. The Celtic resistance in the South West of Britain was stubborn but ultimately futile against the modern Roman siege technology.

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Celtic Men: If only every man followed this saying.

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Legendary Shield of Faith - Medieval Style Celtic Battle Shield Wall Decor

anchant Irish wariors | Celtic Warriors Shield, Medieval, Western, Civilization More

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The Pagan Roots of Halloween

THE CELTIC EMPIRE (700BC - 100BC) | ✫ღ⊰n

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Ancient Celts - Celtic warriors often painted their bodies with a blue die from a plant called "Woad". The woad would be painted in different shapes, such as animal. They were very fierce fighters, and the Romans feared them.

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"Guerreros celtas s. II-I aC", Maria Lashkevich

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How Boudicca Led a Celtic Revolt Against Roman Occupation

Boudicca - British Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against Roman occupation {? - 61 CE} We know the history of Boudicca through two writers: Tacitus, in "Agricola" (98 CE) and "The Annals" (109 CE), and Dio, in "The Rebellion of Boudicca" (about 163 CE). Boudicca was the wife of Prasutagus, who was head of the Iceni tribe in East England, in what is now Norfolk and Suffolk. [How Boudicca Led a Celtic Revolt Against Roman Occupation...]

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Celtic warrior ancient dress. Ok not danish viking, but my hubby would like it.

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