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from Martha Stewart

Martha's Flower-Arranging Secrets

A grid of clear cellophane tape spanning the wide mouth of the bowl supports the top-heavy flowers better than a frog would. Cut the stems short, and insert one or two flowers in each opening in the grid. Tuck fern clippings in last.


Diy camera filters. Trace your lens (or an existing filter) onto thin cardboard. For every filter you want to make cut 2 cardboard circles. Cut the same size holes in the middle of the circles so you have 2 rings of cardboard and place the filter you want in between.(I used cellophane for the yellow, red and green filters and an old 3d glasses lens for the polarized filter.) Glue the 2 rings together and voila!! Attach them to your camera and you're done. You can fasten them to your lens…


Candy Bouquet! Perfect to give to kids for school plays and such instead of flowers. (Just buy long lolipop sticks at a craft store and attach the candy using clear packing tape. Bundle together, wrap with cellophane and tie with a ribbon! The kids will LOVE you for it!