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Jesse Eugene Russell: father of the cell phone Jesse Eugene Russell is an African-American inventor who brought the world cell phones. Trained as an electrical engineer at Tennessee State University, at 63, Russell is recognized globally as a thought-leader, technology expert and innovator of wireless communications. He has more than 30 years experience in advanced wireless communications and is the recognized father of digital cellular technology.

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Phone radiation is a class 2B carcinogen - these are important tips to follow, especially for kids and expectant mothers #health

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How Your Smartphone Is Affecting Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC) - Diet & Exercisealso see:

How Your Smartphone Is Affecting Your Health (INFOGRAPHIC) - Diet & Exercisealso see:

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a satellite device that lets you send text messages from your cell phone even if your phone can’t connect to the Internet or phone service.

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Does your teen have a mobile phone? Here are some handy tips on cell phone etiquette.

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This is my main business site that offers residential, business, enterprise, and government telecommunications products. This includes cell phones, long distance, local phones, service, Internet, and more.

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Best Low-Cost Cell Phone Plans

From Consumer Report - Who has the best cell phone plan for your family—and save up to $1,000 a year We compare the latest plans from ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon #CellPhone

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5 Compelling Reasons To Put Down Your Cell Phone

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Though it is the cell phone companies that confirm your information, send out the cell phone, and control your bank account, this can be a federal government government-subsidized and controlled plan, so the eligibility needs are very related irrespective of where you live and who you choose to obtain your phone from