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Cell junction greeting card


Embryo cell junction. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the junction between 2 blastomere cells in an 8-cell embryo, 3 days old. … The surface of each cell is covered in microvilli (red), tiny projections. Microvilli increase the cell surface area & here also function as bridges communicating between the cells. At the 8-cell stage embryo cells are loosely joined allowing the cells 2B separated 4 in vitro studies. On day 4 blastomere cells fuse together tightly (compaction)…


Cell Junction (intercellular bridge) of plasma membrane: a type of structure that exists within the tissue of some multicellular organisms (animals); consist of multiprotein complexes that provide contact between neighboring cells or between cell and the extracellular matrix, strengthen tissues and allow the exchange of metabolites; especially abundant in epithelial tissues; types: adherens junctions, desomosomes, hemidesomosomes, gap junctions, tight junctions; contain proteins and…


Although certain cell types – blood cells, and some immune system cells – move freely in the body, many others are packed into tight communities. Typically, three factors act to bind cells together.