The gorgeous, talented and seriously funny Cameron Diaz is perhaps most well known for being one of America’s Sweethearts of the silver screen. But what most fans don’t know is that she is also a long-time cigarette smoker and despite trying to quit in the past, she just can’t give them up. 28 Surprising Celebrity Smokers: #19 Will Shock You!!

Adele has admitted in many interviews that smoking cigarettes is her greatest vice. Even after a slew of canceled shows, losing her voice, urging from the world’s best doctors and an eventual surgical procedure, Adele hasn’t managed to quit smoking to save her career or her life. 28 Surprising Celebrity Smokers: #19 Will Shock You!!

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After her award winning role as Velma Kelly in Chicago, fans may think that Zeta-Jones would be another one of those stars invested in keeping her lungs in the best shape possible to further her career. But for Catherine, smoking cigarettes regularly seems to be a much bigger priority in life. 28 Surprising Celebrity Smokers: #19 Will Shock You!!

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10 Celebrity Smokers Who Will Probably Surprise You- Jessica Alba You have GOT to be kidding me. I thought she was all natural and non-toxic and stuff?!?

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"I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you." Andrew Taggart 1/2 The Chainsmokers

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