Floyd Mayweather is clearly in Justin Bieber’s corner after his hotel lobby bout Wednesday night. According to Mayweather, Bieber “showed he ain’t no bitch.” Bieber and Mayweather are tight and he’s been training with the boxing legend for years. According to the celebrity gossip website, TMZ.com, Mayweather, the most impressive part of the fight video

Harvey Levin, the founder of celebrity gossip website TMZ.com, threw his support behind Phil Robertson and his right to believe what he wants to believe. Levin tweeted: Harvey Levin and TMZ says Phil's firing smells like hypocrisy. A&E's suspension of…

Katherine Webb - Celeb bling and engagement rings - NY Daily News / March 28th, 2014 http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/stand-glare-engagement-rings-star-best-friend-gallery-1.45822

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What happens when Cat Fancy and a hero cat become celebrities? They both wind up on a celebrity gossip website, of course.

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Gawker.com to shut down next week: Celebrity gossip website will close after bankruptcy sale spurred by Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit. (Toronto Star 18 August 2016)

So this is pretty much some virtual IGNORANCE. I peruse it every morning to see what 'ratchetness' is going on in black America!

Last week, celebrity gossip website Fameolous posted a video that it said showed Los Angeles Laker Nick Young admitting to cheating on his fiancée, pop ...

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