What makeup shades flatter green eyes? We asked four celebrity makeup artists how to make emerald eyes sparkle
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Raoul Bova, hot,hot,hot..My Coonor Reed from Waiking up married
10 Best Beauty Products to Achieve the Perfect Summer Glow
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With just one 16-ounce serving of Harley Pasternak's sweet spinach smoothie, you'll be getting your entire recommended amount of vitamin A (great for healthy skin, hair, and eyes) and bone-building vitamin K. This recipe is a favorite of Harley's celebrity clients like Julianne Hough after an indulgent period.  Total Calories: 296 Photo: Leta Shy
Jensen Ackles.  My god. Those eyes.......
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As we watch famous celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and others walk down the red carpet, we can't help but see they have the most amazing eyes.
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Emma Stone. Love her freckles!
Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook...oh wow, hello gorgeous green eyed beauty
This is the look I get when we argue, then I jump on him