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WILL SMITH DOESNT HAVE AN OSCAR???? // cosmicwonderlnd ✧<<< ?

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I am meant to be a cat-obsessed librarian. Real nice.

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"Did you know that to this day the Olsen Twins still call the cast of Full House by their names in the show? Because they were taught those names and not their real ones so they wouldn't get confused"

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He looks so scared. What is that guy saying to him. "SHAWN YOU WILL NEVER GET FAMOUS IF YOU KEEP PLAYING LIKE THAT!!!" crush his hopes and dreams wtf.

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Johnny Depp called him Bob Downey in an interview once and I swear it took me so long to figure out that he meant RDJ. I had to contemplate life for a bit after that.

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Halle Berry, whose real first name is 'Maria', was named after a department store in Cleveland. It's not the 'Maria' part, but her middle name 'Halle'.

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