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by Kathy ("my fave is when kirk makes a reference to spock’s humanity or human-like traits and spock’s like y u insult me dis way ur supposed to be my commanding officer pls cease and desist with ur hateful words")


Thousands to continue #NoDAPL protest despite Army Corps cease-and-desist Published on Nov 28, 2016


Agents Stark, Barton, and Wilson are to vacate the Office of the Director immediately, and are to cease and desist in referring to it as, ‘Fort Kickass.’ Nor are they allowed to deny the Director entry into said fort. Especially since the Director is Supreme Overlord and Tyrant of said fort.


UPDATE: NatGeo Consultant Sends ‘Cease and Desist’ Demand, Claims She Was Fired After Breitbart Reports Project Veritas Common Core Exposé

from the artist's J.D.

How to respond to your trademark cease and desist letter

What do you do when you get a trademark cease and desist letter? Click through to read my interview with Alyson Stanfield. And learn how she responded when she got a letter about the name of one of her programs.


10 years ago, Body Shop used this ad in the UK, Asia, and the U.S. Mattel sent The Body Shop a cease-and-desist order, demanding to pull the self-esteem posters featuring Ruby from American shop windows, because she was insulting to the real Barbie.


We give those with negative ill intent too much power when we allow them to disrespect us. We cannot stop anyone from showing us disrespect, but we have the power to make sure it ends. We do this by first letting them know we won't stand for it and if they want to stay in our lives...disrespecting needs to cease and desist. And if they cannot do that, well then we bid them a good life and walk away!!! Stay strong to yourself!!!