by Cesar Millan Go beyond the stereotype and you’ll discover a smart, calm, and loving companion, just as I did 20 years ago A dog is a dog. It seems a pretty obvious statement, doesn’t

Why I love pit bulls

Cesar Millan : Cesar Millan, is a Mexican American dog trainer. A self-taught expert, he is widely known for his television series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, broadcast in more than eighty countries worldwide

Cesar's Way - Where do pit bulls come from and how did they get such a bad rap?

How did pit bulls get such a bad rap?

"Every February 19th, I have moments of sadness, as it marks the anniversary that my pit bull Daddy passed away. I still miss him terribly but when I think of all the amazing times we had together and all the great things that he taught me, I realize how lucky I was to have had him in my life for so long. And when I look in Junior’s eyes, I think about the last gift Daddy gave to me." -Cesar Millan

How Daddy chose Junior

Cesar Millans dogs Daddy and Junior RIP Daddy you are a hero .

Daddy - Ceasar Milan's model dog Love you Daddy!!!!!!!❤️

Junior’s story

cesarmillan: “ Four years ago today I lost my best friend, my beloved Pit Bull companion Daddy. I am blessed to have had such an inspiration in my life who bettered the lives of others every day.

Ceasar Milan, Great Quote.

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