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How To Choose The Right Security Camera

So to add more security. I made ALL folders secret so only we can see them except FOOD KINDA. Now we know its not easy to know there is a new pin/message. Lets just always add a random or meaningful) food item after each round of secret pins so that the other will know there is something there to find. Please move this pin into a secret folder after reading it! Safety first!! :)


CCTV camera is a must for your residential as well as commercial properties. With the current crime stats, it is one of the most basic security system one must install.

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10 Pretty Useful Add-Ons For Your Wireless Security Camera System

Do you want to augment your wireless security camera system with a few other gadgets that will help boost home or office safety? Here are a couple of nifty little suggestions that’ll go well with…


cc camera installation and cctv camera installation image