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Alcohol addiction relapse is not uncommon. Discover the causes of alcoholism relapse and how to prevent a relapse in the future.

23 Ways #Alcohol Affects The Body= #alcoholism #addiction
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How Alcohol Affects the Body

23 Ways #Alcohol Affects The Body= #alcoholism #addiction


March 16th, 1915 - Absinthe Banned in France Pictured - Just water for this poilu. A good war for wine, a bad one for absinthe. The French government banned la fée verte from the onset of the war, but continually had to reissue the interdiction as consumers and producers circumvented the ban. Absinthe was at the time considered to be a hallucinogenic agent, a cause of alcoholism and degeneration in the French population. The war, on the other hand, was viewed as a rejuvenating agent.


What are the causes of alcoholism? Whether you’re suffering from it yourself, or if you’re the friend or family member of an alcoholic, you’re bound to ask the question at least once. #alcoholism #alcohol #science


The stress of trauma, when combined with alcohol addiction, can highly increase the risks.

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Adult Children of Alcoholics ACoAs: Qualities and Traits

Oh :( Very valuable info, explains everything about their PTSD, long term effects of instability, abuse, and chaos incl trauma bonds. If only i had known. Not limited to exposure to just alcoholism, makes sense. "Adult Children of Alcoholics / ACoAs: Qualities and Traits." Ugh.


#Alcoholism and #addiction destroys. So true yet most don't see the sorry effects before it's too late.


House of Freedom es un centro tratamiento de alcoholismo en Orlando Florida.  Nuestros 30 años de experiencia nos ha enseñado que el alcoholismo es un problema que ha plagado a nuestra sociedad durante siglos. Dado que no es ilegal consumir alcohol, los casos de abuso de alcohol en la adicción a los centros tratamiento de alcoholismo se presentan con más frecuencia que los de abuso de drogas.

from Healthline


What is alcoholism? What are the causes of alcoholism? This pin tries to answer these questions

Forget genetics, the leading cause of alcoholism is probably the general public.