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11 Natural Remedies To Fight Acid Reflux (Infographic)


If u feel incredibly lousy after every meal and can't identify why since you're habitually a healthy eater this may be of interest. Even unsuspecting healthy foods can lead to an overabundance of stomach acid and cause discomfort apparently!


Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Prev post1 of 3Next A sore throat is the result of an inflammation of the pharynx, the tube that extends from the back of the mouth to the esophagus. Some of the major causes of this condition are viral, bacterial, or fungal infections; irritants like pollution, smoking, acid reflux, or dry air; excessive shouting; or


Acid Reflex, GERD in Dogs, Cats - Natural Remedies, Causes, Symptoms In this article… What is Acid Reflux - GERD Who is at Risk of Acquiring GERD Causes of Acid Reflux – GERD Other Conditions That May Mimic the Symptoms of GERD Symptoms of GERD Strategy for Natural Treatment and Remedy


13 Foods That Fight Acid Reflux

Melon Melon (pH 6.1) is good for acid reflux. However, as with bananas, a small percentage (1% to 2%) of those with acid reflux need to avoid it. Also included in the good-for-reflux category are honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.


The Real Cause of Acidity and 9 Natural Remedies To Cure It

Food sensitivities It may also be possible that food sensitivities such as gluten and lactose may cause reflux. Ask your doctor for a food allergy and celiac test to rule these out. Yeast gone mad Candida or yeast overgrowth in the small intestine can also lead to reflux and is a condition that is not difficult to reverse. There are some things that can cause… [read more]


One of the best ways to heal your acid reflux (AR) naturally is to avoid foods that cause AR. Apple cider vinegar's pectin, which helps to calm your rolling stomach & reduce & prevent the pain. Fennel seeds are excellent for helping to deal with GERD & AR, helping cut back on the acid in your stomach. The herb Peppermint helps to settle your stomach & calm the acid that is churning? Taken in tea form, Meadowsweet can provide relief by soothing & cooling your stomach & esophagus. #dherbs


Causes of Acid Reflux Quote:"Eating certain foods, such as citrus, tomato, chocolate, mint, garlic, onions, or spicy or fatty foods Drinking certain beverages, such as alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, or tea".... They're all acidic foods and beverages as an example of how foods affect the bodies pH balance depending on how acidic/alkaline they are.