This recipe came together after a lot of trial and error. The trick to making oil-free cauliflower crispy (and for it to stay that way) is to wait until after baking to salt the cauliflower. You will not need to...  Read more
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Baked Orange Cauliflower. A healthier dinner version of the Chinese take-out dish!
Cauliflower Plant Care When the head or flower (curd) of cauliflower becomes 2-3 inches in diameter (this is unnecessary for colored varieties), cover it with the inner leaves by breaking or tying them over the head.
Growing cauliflower requires excellent soil and close attention to planting dates, so that the plants mature in cool weather. But when vigorous cauliflower varieties are planted at the right time, robust cauliflower plants produce excellent crops. This guide includes descriptions of the types of cauliflower and tips for getting a great cauliflower harvest. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.
These Chili Garlic Cauliflower "Risotto" Bowls are an easy Paleo dish to satisfy that comfort food craving! A healthy vegan recipe with a spicy sauce. The Cauliflower Rice is the "risotto" and is cooked a non dairy (coconut or almond) milk; all in one pan! The sauce is made extra spicy and creamy with chili, garlic, and avocado combined. Great as side or plant based main. Whole30 options included. @cottercrunch
Klunker's Plant-Based Kitchen: Garlic herb spread
Healthy Vegan Sushi: rainbow roll, spicy cauli, teriyaki mushroom. My fave is the spicy cauli!
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Get the recipe ♥ Honey Garlic Baked Cauliflower @recipes_to_go