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Government Surveillance of Cell Users: 1.3 Million Annual Requests and Rising (and it isn't for reasons they would like to force you to's all for power and money)

from Washingtonian

The Battle for the Cato Institute

The Battle for the Cato Institute ~ Charles Koch and Ed Crane were once allies in the libertarian movement. Now the former friends are facing off in a fight for control of Cato, the think tank they founded together 35 years ago.

Internship of the Day: CATO Institute There is a wide variety of departments in which interns work at the Cato Institute. Policy areas include such subjects as health care and entitlements reform, constitutional law, energy policy, and foreign and military policy.

New Cato Institute Study Shows How Private Gun Ownership Reduces Crime, Saves Lives: Even During Putative President Obama's Illegal Executive Orders.