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Catherine of Valois (1401 - 1437). Daughter of Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria. She married Henry V of England and had one son. She secretly married Owen Tudor and had children with him as well.

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Portraits of 16th century ladies by Richard Burchett 1815–1875) at Palace of Westminster; Catherine Howard Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Mary of Guise, Queen of Scotland Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour

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The Marriage of Catherine of Valois and Henry V of England in 1420. This blog has *loads* of amazing medieval and renaissance portraits -- well worth the look!

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Who Were the Queens of England from the Houses of York and Lancaster?

Catherine of Valois (October 27, 1401 - January 3, 1437) Queen consort to: Henry V (1386 or 1387-1422, ruled 1413-1422) Married: 1420 Coronation: February 23, 1421

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Undressed funeral effigy of Catherine de Valois, Queen of England. Henry V's queen died in 1437. Her grandson King Henry VII made major alterations to Westminster Abbey, which involved moving her embalmed body. She was placed in a crude coffin constructed of flimsy boards, and was left above ground. Catherine remained a public spectacle in the Abbey for over 200 years.

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Catherine de' Medici (1519 - 1589). Queen of France from 1547 to 1559. She was the wife of Henri II, and she had eleven children with him. She hated his mistress, Diane de Poitiers, and blamed her for the problems in her marriage. She served as regent for two of her sons. She was also blamed from the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

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Catherine of Valois

Catherine (Katherine) of Valois Oct 27 1401 - Jan 3, 1437. Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Sister-in-law of Kings: Queen and sister of a Queen. Marriage of Henry V and Catherine of Valois 1420: image c1850 Joseph Kronheim. Wife of Henry V of England, mother of Henry VI, grandmother of Henry VII the first Tudor king, the youngest daughter of King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. Catherine's older sister Isabella was queen of England 1396-99, as the child bride of Richard…

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King Henry V of England married Catherine of Valois.on this day 2nd June, 1420 Supposedly Henry fell deeply in love with Catherine after his great victory at Agincourt. The marriage however was short lived and the two saw little of each other. Henry returned to France to wage war and died within two years of marrying Catherine, never seeing the child she became pregnant with (Henry VI). Catherine went on to have an affair with her Welsh servant, Owen Tudor with whom she had Edmund Tudor

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Isabella of France (9 November 1389 – 13 September 1409) was Queen consort of England as the second spouse of King Richard II. Her parents were King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. Isabella's younger sister, Catherine of Valois, was Queen consort of England from 1420–1422, as the wife of King Henry V of England and mother of Henry VI, King of England.

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