DIY Cat Window Perch

DIY Cat Window Perch

Cats are natural climbers. In fact, your cat’s wildcat ancestors spent significant portions of their days lounged on the sturdy branches of trees. Perching gives cats two major advantages: it gives them a camouflaged place from which to stalk their …

5 Simple Ways to Add Vertical Space for Your Cat

In same print as valance. Use stained wood shelf and iron brackets. Hang above kitchen trash

Lowe's Creative Ideas - July/August 2009 Kitty Kingdom....custom window seat is the purrfect perch for your cat.

Lowe's Creative Ideas - July/August Custom window seat for your dog.

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Cat Solarium, the stylish, open-air feline sunroom with the panoramic view. A true solarium just for cats. Let your indoor cat outside safely~

cat outdoor window perch | PetSafe Cat Veranda Terrace Porch Perch Cat Door Window | eBay

Petsafe Cat Veranda Terrace Porch Perch Cat Door Window

The kitties would LOVE this!! Window box closed in patio

More neat crap

Caged in cat patio. Fresh air and sunshine without your indoor cat getting away. ( I DID NOT build this or come up with the idea.

Pawslife™ Deluxe Window Cat Perch

Pawslife® Deluxe Window Cat Perch

Buy Pawslife™ Deluxe Window Cat Perch from at Bed Bath & Beyond. The Deluxe Window Cat Perch from Pawslife provides a comfortable and large surface for your cat to rest while enjoying the view or laying in the sun.

There's this one too. This one does not require screws in the wall which is nice.

How to Build a Pet Window Seat Everyone loves a room with a view, including your pets.

This catio is the perfect example of a window perch gone mega.

13 Cool Catios for Your Feline Friend

Outdoor cat enclosure with rain cover Beautiful World Living Environments and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!