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10 Ideas For Hiding Your Cats Litter Box // Turn a cabinet into a contemporary place for your cat to do its business

The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made

"The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made." I'd love one of these, and I bet Mom would too. Three stackable trays so you just lift the top one, sift it, dump it, and replace it on the bottom. So easy!


This is a brilliant idea for hiding cat litter. The only issue... I imagine a scenario where I'm not home and the lid closes on her while she's in there. Imagine the chaos that would ensue.


10 Ideas For Hiding Your Cat Litter Box // This modern litter box cover provides a stylish place for your cats and doubles as a convenient side table.


Cat litter box cabinet with drawers

Cat litter box cabinet with drawers: love this one theres room for the mat inside!!!! Genius! If I can ever buy a kitten


Ikea hack: a kitty litter box with an intermediate "carpet room" to get the rest of the litter off their feet before they exit. Complete with storage shelf, automatic lights and a "made to fit" kitty litter tray!


Microwave Cart Redo. Cat Litter box & Food station! Used an old electric stovetop ring for to finish the look of the cat hole. Added Stanley's name with some dollar store stickers.

DIY idea: fan vented cat litter box--this is hardcore...not that i will ever need this but it make me laugh out loud