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This really works! And tho it says it's not reusable, if you're careful, you can clean it out and use again. AMAZING product

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10 Lifehacks Every Cat Owner Should Know

Pick up cat hair with a kitchen glove. Wear a rubber kitchen glove and drag it across the fabric. The static will help the hair stick to the gloves. You can also use masking tape to pick up lots of hair at once.

Donald Trump Cat Hair Illusion? -

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I found a cat hair on your shirt this morning... It was white... :D

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Cat Throw Pillow Cover, Cat Hair Pillow Cover, Funny Cat Quote Throw Pillow Cover, There's Probably Cat Hair on This Pillow Cover

Let's be real. There's cat hair on everything. Handmade Pillow Cover from Jaycat Designs on Etsy.

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Un intérieur cat-friendly sans ruiner sa déco

On a déniché pour vous plein de chouettes idées pour sauver votre déco tout en privilégiant un intérieur cat-friendly. - Page 3 sur 3

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