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Menu Ideas for Busy Moms: DIY Medieval Torches, Chandeliers, and Banners


Castle theme classroom door.


The snow queen's castle door - all in white and sparkle - I can see it now!

Castle Classroom Management. I used those envelopes for library books. Each color is a grade. There are 5 steps to the top: Peasants, Squires, Knight/Dames, Prince/Princesses, Kings/Queens. I plan on taking pics of students, laminating them and gluing them to wooden sticks. They will all be placed in the "Peasant" pocket. Each class they will have the opportunity to move up the scale, Once they reach Kings/Queens they will get to go to treasure box.


Castle Theme Classroom | Fadeless Paper Rolls PRINTED Backgrounds 1218x3.6M & 15M sold by ...

Castle entrance/ classroom door ff4e7fa8f1c3394803957771f6ad74f0.jpg (666×800)


Wow what an entrance! Don't think it would work in our schools hallway.... but this is a dream entrance.