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Created by Moringmark  Star vs the Forces of Evil

Created by Moringmark Star vs the Forces of Evil

should I pin this to my Steven Universe board or Gravity Falls board?

And Ruff and Reddy started the whole Hanna/Barbera animated TV cartoon shows off with their debut in 1957 -- Ruff was a smart cat and Reddy was a kind and brave dog. They rode off into the sunset with the massive influx of other Hanna/Barbera 'toons' by spring of 1960.

Oh right I forgot, the only relationship in this show that isn't complicated... Star vs the Forces of Evil

1928 cartoon showing death hovering over "Radium Girls" who died young from bone cancers after ingesting the radioactive element for years while painting watch dials. Mae Keane, the last of the radium girls, died on March 1, 2014 at the age of 107.

She also says "Wow, thanks" when Steven gives her the iPad, but with far more sincerity!