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Throne of Charlemagne and the subsequent German Kings in Aachen Cathedral. Charlemagne's court in Aachen was the centre of the cultural revival sometimes referred to as the "Carolingian Renaissance".

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Disk Brooch, 675–700 Frankish; Found in Niederbreisig, western Germany Gold sheet with filigree and inlays of garnet, glass, and mother-of-pearl

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Pepin the Short, Charlemagne, & so on & so forth... just of the names of my ancestors.~House of History, LLC.

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"Arnegunde", 515-580 AD, Merovingian. What was being worn on the Continent, for comparison.(Anglo-Saxon)

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The Dorestad brooch, a Carolingian brooch c.800, makde from gold, glass, enamel, almandines and pearls; symbols include two intersecting Christian crosses and trees of life. (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, loaned from the province of Zuid-Holland)

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2nd half of X cent. west slavic nobleman All inspired by carolingian imperial court fashion. Based almost completely on Stuttgart Psalter (820-830AD).

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